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Towards spring, we explain what allergic conjunctivitis is


Towards spring, we explain what allergic conjunctivitis is Starting from the end of April, during May and June, due to the flowering of numerous grasses, weeds and trees, we have a large number of patients with problems of allergic conjunctivitis. After a short break during July and August when due to the [...]

Towards spring, we explain what allergic conjunctivitis is2021-04-23T15:45:05+00:00

Do you see “flies” in the eye?


Do you see "flies" in the eye? They really exist and in the world of ophthalmology they are called "flying flies" ("mouches volantes", "floaters" or opacitates corporis vitrei). In translation, these are turbidities that float inside the eye, in the vitreous and can be dangerous - but that is the assessment of an [...]

Do you see “flies” in the eye?2021-04-16T06:08:08+00:00

Glaucoma, the silent killer of sight!


Glaucoma, the silent killer of sight! Glaucoma is a disease that involves the progressive deterioration of the optic nerve fibers, and thus the deterioration of the visual field due to the most common elevated intraocular pressure. Glaucoma affects 78 million people worldwide. It is predicted that by 2040, 111.8 million people will develop [...]

Glaucoma, the silent killer of sight!2021-03-03T21:09:08+00:00

Small surgical interventions on the eyelids


Small surgical interventions on the eyelids There are numerous changes on the skin of the eyelids that require removal for medical as well as aesthetic reasons. Among the most common are: papillomas, warts, mollusks, fibroids, lipomas, angiomas, senile and seborrheic keratoses, xanthelasmas. Of the subcutaneous changes, the most common intervention is the [...]

Small surgical interventions on the eyelids2021-02-10T08:45:40+00:00

Application of lasers in ophthalmology


Application of lasers in ophthalmology Performing laser photocoagulation on a biomicroscope Laser photocoagulation is one of the basic forms of therapy when it comes to diseases of the posterior segment of the eye, whether they are vascular or degenerative diseases. In vascular diseases, we most often use laser photocoagulation in the treatment of [...]

Application of lasers in ophthalmology2020-11-23T22:51:49+00:00

dr Sandra Jovanović, primarius


dr Sandra Jovanović, primarius After 20 years of clinical practice, specialization completed in 2004, master's studies in 2008, defended doctorate in 2015 and passed all three parts of the European recognized certificate in ophthalmology organized by the International Council of Ophthalmology, continuing education at home and abroad, numerous congresses and written papers [...]

dr Sandra Jovanović, primarius2020-11-09T22:49:08+00:00

Ophthalmic changes in pregnancy


Ophthalmic changes in pregnancy Pregnancy is accompanied by numerous hormonal changes that affect the metabolism of all organs and tissues, and thus the eye. Physiological changes occur due to the increase in progesterone levels, and they are manifested by water retention mostly in the cornea. In that way, there is a decrease [...]

Ophthalmic changes in pregnancy2020-10-21T08:51:49+00:00

Ultrasound in ophthalmology


Ultrasound in ophthalmology When using ultrasound in ophthalmology we use: A probe for measuring the axial length of the eye, thus we can monitor the growth of the eye as part of myopia in children and during puberty, we also measure the axial length as part of determining the strength of the lens [...]

Ultrasound in ophthalmology2020-09-26T20:55:57+00:00
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