Glaucoma, the silent killer of sight!

Glaucoma is a disease that involves the progressive deterioration of the optic nerve fibers, and thus the deterioration of the visual field due to the most common elevated intraocular pressure.

Glaucoma affects 78 million people worldwide. It is predicted that by 2040, 111.8 million people will develop some type of glaucoma. 90% of patients are undetected, primarily in developing countries. Glaucoma is the fourth leading cause of blindness, 8 million people are blind and partially sighted from glaucoma (3.6 million people are blind and 4.2 million have moderate to severe visual impairment).

What must be constantly emphasized is the fact that Glaucoma samples irreversible blindness, and must be taken seriously. By detecting in the initial phase, prescribing adequate therapy, regular use of therapy by patients, regular visits to the controls, the disease can be stopped or slowed down and thus preserve vision!

Risk factors for the most common type of open-angle glaucoma are: old age, racial affiliation – dark-skinned population, glaucoma present in the family (10x higher frequency), diabetes mellitus, low systolic and diastolic pressure, myopia, intraocular pressure greater than 21mmHg.

Glaucoma, the silent killer of sight!, dr Sandra Jovanović

PNO analysis by optical coherence tomography

It should insist on a complete ophthalmological examination of persons after the age of 45 when the need for reading glasses arises. As part of the examination, in addition to examining visual acuity, it is necessary to measure intraocular pressure using the Goldman aplanation method, although the older and more classical method, ophthalmologists believe is the most reliable. It is necessary to perform an examination of the anterior segment of the eye with gonioscopy, examination of the posterior segment of the eye with consideration of the condition of the papilla of the optic nerve-PNO. The degree of damage to PNO-excavation will be assessed even more objectively using Optical Coherence Tomography – OCT PNO. Finally, the function of the optic nerve – the width of the visual field is determined by the method of computerized examination of the visual field.

Glaucoma, the silent killer of sight!, dr Sandra Jovanović

One of the WGA slogans is The world is bright, save your sight!

Glaucoma Awareness Week is celebrated every year during the month of March in all countries of the world. This action was initiated by the World Glaucoma Association (WGA). The goal is to raise awareness about glaucoma, its frequency, risk factors, method of diagnosis, monitoring, therapy…

Glaucoma, the silent killer of sight!, dr Sandra Jovanović