OCT – Ophthalmic Multipractitioner

In the “Dr. Sandra Jovanović” practice, patients are enabled to laugh with the most modern S-OCT device Revo by the company Optopol. In a simple way, with just one click in a few seconds, we can automatically get detailed tissue sections such as “pathohistological” findings. The details are at the level of axial resolution of 5 microns and transverse up to 12 microns.

Recording is completely painless, simple, fast, repeatable and non-invasive. Infrared SLED light of 830 nm is used during the recording and the patient does not suffer any discomfort due to glare. Imaging on the device does not require special preparation of the patient, it can also be performed on a narrow pupil. In addition to gaining insight into the cross-section of all retinal / macular layers, we can focus on the layers of interest, the surface layers in vitreoretinal surface disease or the deep layers of the choriocapillaris, the RPE and photoreceptor layer, and the external blood-brain barrier disease. Along with the tissue section, we also get maps, graphs and measurements in microns, we always have the possibility of comparison with the previous image as well as the analysis of progression over time during all patient visits.

There are also special modules for the analysis of the anterior segment of the eye, analysis of the progression of glaucoma damage – excavation, changes in the layer of nerve fibers, the possibility of corneal topography, pachymetry, biometrics and angiography.

We can say one multipractice both for early diagnosis and for fine monitoring of changes in the macula, optic nerve papilla and layer of nerve fibers. In this way, with timely and planned therapy, we enable the preservation of vision. It is useful to have it! See you!

OCT – Ophthalmic Multipractitioner, dr Sandra Jovanović
OCT – Ophthalmic Multipractitioner, dr Sandra Jovanović