OCT / optical coherence tomography

OCT / optical coherence tomography is the most modern and most accurate method of diagnosis as well as monitoring of retinal diseases, primarily macula-yellow spots, our point of clear vision.

The most common diseases are: senile degeneration of the yellow spot, dry and wet, myopic degeneration, macular dystrophy, macular edema as part of diabetic retinopathy and venous occlusions, epiretinal membranes, macular rupture…

The first symptoms of all macular diseases are a decrease in visual acuity, difficulty reading, difficulty recognizing faces and “image distortion”.

OCT is a so-called “scanner” of the macula. micron shows any deviation from normal. In that way, it helps to detect the disease at the earliest stage, which is the most important thing in the treatment of macular disease.

Timely diagnosis and therapy leads to the preservation of visual function! In addition to macular analysis, OCT provides the possibility of analysis of the optic nerve papilla as well as the retinal nerve fiber layer.

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OCT / optical coherence tomography, dr Sandra Jovanović