Povidone iodine – preventive protection during ophthalmological examination

Povidone iodine – preventive protection during ophthalmological examination, dr Sandra JovanovićHow can we protect patients from us doctors and vice versa from patients in the world of ophthalmology during a pandemic?

In ophthalmology, examinations and interventions are performed at a very close distance.

The nose is the primary source of droplets, through which any type of infection can be transmitted in the form of an aerosol, including current SARS-CoV2. It has been registered that even with the use of masks, the drops can reach a distance of 70 cm.

In the offices dealing with the pathology of the posterior segment of the eye, we are in contact with patients at high risk for COVID 19: elderly people, diabetics, obese people with heart problems, arterial hypertension and their complications and numerous other comorbidities.

The Japanese Association for Respiratory Infections indicates the importance of Povidone iodine solution. Before the intervention, it is recommended to instill Povidone iodine solution in the nose in a minimum migration of 0.5%, as well as rinsing the throat. In this way, an antiseptic procedure is performed and it is considered that the virus is inactivated in 15 seconds! In this way, in addition to wearing masks by doctors and patients, this antiseptic procedure of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat provides additional safety.

Povidone iodine solution in conc. 0.5-1.25% was and remains the gold standard in the fight against viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites. It is effective and safe to apply to all our mucous membranes: conjunctiva, nasal mucosa, mouth and pharynx!

Povidone iodine – preventive protection during ophthalmological examination, dr Sandra Jovanović