The effect of blue light on the macula

The effect of blue light on the macula, dr Sandra JovanovićIn addition to the well-known harmful effect of UV rays on the eye, you should also know that visible light – the blue part of the spectrum, has harmful effects on the back segment of the eye, and especially on our point of clear vision – the yellow spot.

Numerous studies on risk factors for the progression of macular degeneration have led to the conclusion that the blue part of the visible light spectrum (from 415 to 495 nm) adversely affects our yellow spot. Especially the blue-violet part of the spectrum from 415 to 455 nm has much more harmful effects than the blue-turquoise part above 455 nm. Phototoxicity is reflected in the release of large amounts of free oxygen radicals that accumulate and cause oxidative stress, photodisruption of photoreceptors, and then retinal pigment epithelial cells.

Although we need strong light, because in conditions of stronger lighting we have better visual acuity, contrast, as well as color recognition, studies show that light, especially blue-purple, is harmful to our retina, and especially the macula.

Blue light is all around us, in natural sunlight it is represented by 25-30%, in LED lighting it is represented by as much as 35%, and in compact fluorescent bulbs – “energy saving bulbs” 25% of the spectrum it emits is blue. Certainly blue light is emitted by monitor and TV screens, laptop screens, tablets and mobile phones.

The effect of blue light on the macula, dr Sandra Jovanović

How to protect yourself?

  1. Glasses for making glasses, especially those for close work (behind a computer), need to contain “blue cut” or “blue protect” protection.
  2. It is necessary to protect from oxidative stress with antioxidants that are taken in the form of healthy food: green leafy vegetables, yellow-orange fruits and vegetables, berries, nuts, eggs, North Sea fish and seafood.
  3. Dietary supplements recommended for macula should contain: 10 mg Lutein, 2 mg Zeaxanthin, possibly Mesoeaxanthin, selenium, zinc, copper, Vitamins C, D, E as well as omega fatty acids.

It is necessary to start protection as early as possible, and it is especially recommended for people who have a hereditary predisposition for yellow spot degeneration.

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The effect of blue light on the macula, dr Sandra Jovanović