Ultrasound in ophthalmology

Ultrasound in ophthalmology, dr Sandra JovanovićWhen using ultrasound in ophthalmology we use:

A probe for measuring the axial length of the eye, thus we can monitor the growth of the eye as part of myopia in children and during puberty, we also measure the axial length as part of determining the strength of the lens needed for implantation in cataract surgery.

With the B probe, we get a 2D picture of what is happening on the back segment of the eye, which is valuable information for us if the examination is disabled by the presence of blood in the eye – hemophthalmos or the presence of a thick cataract. Thus, we find out whether there is retinal ablation on the eye, vitreo-retinal proliferation in advanced diabetic retinopathy, tumor in the eye (primary or secondary), foreign body and much more.

Ultrasound in ophthalmology, dr Sandra JovanovićThere is a possibility of using a UBM probe which analyzes in detail the anterior segment of the eye and the very hidden region of the posterior chamber of the eye and the ciliary sulcus. There is a possibility of an addition and a probe for pachymetry-measuring the thickness of the cornea.

Ophthalmology practice Dr. Sandra Jovanović owns an ophthalmic ultrasound device of the latest generation Compact Touch by Quantel Medical. This device has the latest generation B probe with a frequency of 15MHz and 30% improved resolution. This allows us to make a quicker, easier and more accurate diagnosis.

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Ultrasound in ophthalmology, dr Sandra Jovanović