World Children’s Day – November 20

Around the world, November 20 is marked as World Children’s Day in order to emphasize the importance of respecting the needs of the youngest part of the population.

It is necessary to dedicate appropriate time to your little ones every day, and on this day in particular, take care of their health. Take a walk to our office, because eye health and clear eyesight should be taken care of from the earliest days!

Numerous anomalies in our body and even refractive anomalies of the eye, if detected in time, can be successfully corrected. Therefore, it is recommended to observe the behavior of the child from the youngest age. We can notice the following:

  • The child gets very close to the screen while watching TV
  • The child holds the screen of the mobile phone too close to the eyes
  • Squint
  • He often rubs his eyes
  • Blinking frequently
  • Shows sensitivity to light with watery eyes
  • The child’s eye turns inwards or outwards
  • He tilts his head to one side

If you notice any of these changes, you need to visit a pediatric ophthalmologist as soon as possible, regardless of the child’s age. Especially if there is: short-sightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, wide-sightedness or different diopters in both eyes in the family, and if there was a problem in pregnancy and childbirth.

World Children’s Day – November 20, dr Sandra Jovanović