YAG laser capsulotomy

YAG laser capsulotomy, dr Sandra JovanovićYAG laser capsulotomy is a laser intervention that is performed on the front segment of the eye, in a patient who has had a cataract surgically removed. This intervention is usually performed several months or years after cataract surgery.

YAG laser capsulotomy, dr Sandra Jovanović

PCO – posterior capsular opacification, secondary cataract

When the clouded lens is surgically removed by the phacoemulsification method, a new artificial lens is inserted into the natural capsular bag. Gradually, over time, there may be a clouding of the posterior part of the capsule behind the artificial lens, which is called secondary cataract or posterior capsular opacification- PCO. This blurring in the central part leads to a decrease in central vision, which patients notice very quickly.

The solution to opacification of the posterior capsule is fortunately a very easy intervention using the Neodymium YAG laser, called a posterior capsulotomy. With the help of a laser, we make a centrally circular opening on the posterior capsule, like the opening on a can, part of the posterior capsule is freed, and in this way we ensure the passage of light unhindered to the posterior segment of the eye. The vision becomes clear again as immediately after the operation. Of course, only if we have no other associated eye diseases.

YAG laser capsulotomy, dr Sandra Jovanović

Condition after YAG laser capsulotomy

The intervention is performed in an outpatient setting and lasts a very short few minutes, depending on the patient’s cooperation. Previously, it is necessary to dilate the pupil by instilling mydriatics. A special magnifying glass may or may not be used to perform the procedure. After that, anti-inflammatory drops of a combination of steroidal and non-steroidal drugs are used. Patients should receive improvement in vision almost immediately, that is, on the same day after the pupil constricts. And the patient returns to his activities very quickly.

YAG laser capsulotomy, dr Sandra Jovanović

After the intervention, there may be a transient increase in intraocular pressure, opacities and mutiny may appear in the field of vision. If the intervention is rough with great force with a large opening on the posterior capsule, subluxation of the intraocular lens may occur (especially if the minimum period of 6 months after cataract surgery is not observed). The most serious complication is the ablation of the vitreous body and then the ablation of the retina, and special care should be taken with pseudophakic eyes of myopic persons, especially highly myopic ones.

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YAG laser capsulotomy, dr Sandra Jovanović